Tuesday, March 11, 2014

On All Fronts: Greens, Goodreads and Godless Amounts of Laundry

It's dumping snow right now outside my window, so it doesn't feel very much like Spring, but that's Spring in Colorado for you.  The first time that you can wear shorts and a parka on the same day, spring has arrived in the Mile High City.

February was an insane month.  We had birthdays and surprise birthday trips. We had book releases and book release parties.  We had wave after wave of commitments and I think it's no shock that both Ryan and I got sick at the end of the month, with the deathly lung nonsense that I get every year and a seemingly never-ending cold for him.   Since then we have just been puttering along, trying to get normal life back on track.

On the book front:  Elly has seen a resurgence since Queen arrived. This is incredible since Elly in Love will be coming at the end of May/early June which will be closely followed by Queen of Hearts Volume Two.  What has Elly been up to all this time?   Oh, just you wait. I think fans of Elly should be reassured that while Elly's life takes an unexpected and surprising turn, that she is not suddenly an assassin with secret powers in a post -apocalyptic dystopian St. Louis.   Queen of Hearts is defying all expectations. It's currently number 42 on the YA Fairy Tales and Retellings List, and number 7 on the "Hot New Releases" for YA Fairy Tales on Amazon.  Hooray! The reception for the book has been overwhelmingly positive.  It was featured on some very exciting websites, including Forever Young Adult, Westword, HuffPost, The Story Siren, Tiger Beat (seriously, so amazing), Girls Life and Sheknows.com. I continue to get emails from readers who loved the book, which means so much to me and leaves me a blubbering pile of thankfulness.  In fact, I am in the process of updating Queen's Shelfari page as we speak since people had asked for that to be linked! It has over 50 reviews on Goodreads and 35 on Amazon, which is incredible seeing how it was just released not even a month ago.  Of course, just when I feel good about things I see that Queen is ranked underneath "Alice's Sexual Adventures in Wonderland" under the Goodreads "Alice Retelling List".  As I watch Queen run amok in the YA genre, I am working with the publisher to make sure that Elly in Love is ready and that we are all set there.  On the new writing front, I can tell you that Wendy Darling is coming along beautifully. There are really some interesting themes that have emerged naturally, the same way that Queen took on a life of it's own once I delved deeper into the story. Wendy Darling's themes will be faith, family, the atrocity and entertainment of war and...a touch of domestic abuse?  Who would have thought?    I've been writing every free minute I have, which are in short supply these days.  I'm averaging about a chapter a week, which is okay, but not great.   I can't imagine what has changed....

Oh wait, I don't care. Look at that face!  He loves playing "tent". 

On the parenting front: Baths.  How much do I love giving my baby a bath?  Both Ryan and I love to take baths with LittleM, or just giving him baths.  He loves to splash and try and eat the bubbles.  There is no pleasure like wrapping a freshly clean baby up in a towel and kissing his soft, chilly cheeks and seeing the dew drops of water that cling to his impossibly long eyelashes. It's heaven.  I've been learning what to do with his hair, courtesy of a fantastic website called Chocolate Hair/Vanilla Care.  It's absolutely fantastic because I'll be honest - LittleM's hair is very different than my own and it's all new to us how to care for it in the best way possible.   We are still learning, but hopefully by the time it matters we will be old hats at it.

On the life front: Um, there's laundry. I know what you are thinking: Colleen, that's so exciting!!! Groooaann...yes, I'm sorry it's so mundane, but lately my life is laundry everywhere, my own neverending story. I don't know what happened. All the sudden our laundry exploded. And it's not LittleM - his laundry at this point it easy! It's us!! And what the heck???

Why are all three laundry baskets full every single day?? I don't understand.

 It's not like we are Marie Antoinette and we have five outfit changes every day.   In other not boring news, I rearranged my living room in a fit of Springtime ecstasy and it actually looks really good!

  I had a cute little helper too! : )

We have this very tall and striking bookcase that is in two parts and I finally bit the big one and decided to break it apart just to see what it looked like. Of course, this required taking down ALL the books. Inside of the bookcase I found lots of dead spiders (I'm guessing the bookcase was some sort of spider safehouse), a 25 dollar restaurant gift card that never expires (!!!) and about six formula coupons that I so could have used in 2013.  Once we moved the bookcase, I couldn't believe how much it opened up our living room.

 I'm never moving the furniture again. It looks SO good.

On the Greens front:   My wonderful and amazing friend Jen promotes and sells the It Works! brand. I'm constantly seeing it on Facebook, Pinterest and all over the place. It seems like the company is skyrocketing. And I can't deny that Jen looks absolutely, jaw-dropping incredible. I mean, she's always been gorgeous, but seriously, she looks amazing!

 I was fascinated by the concept of the Greens when I first read about it. I have a hard time getting all my fruits and veggies in, and bam! - she posted a picture of a can of spilled greens that her kids had exploded with a funny caption and I thought "I want to try that."

 It has 8 servings of fruits and veggies in it and a blend of 38 herbs and superfoods. Ummm...yes?

 I talked to Jen and she said it's far and away her favorite product.  And so, yup- I started about ten days ago, and I'll be honest, I feel pretty fantastic. Once I started taking it, I got over my sickness really fast, and I feel like I have a lot more energy. Things just feel...right inside. I'm planning on doing an entire blog about it once I have been on the "Greens" an entire month, so stay tuned, but if you want to try it along with me, you can get some here:


So those are my "fronts" for the week.  I'll be back with book reviews in a few days.

What I'm Reading: Red Rising by Pierce Brown who has the world's most RIDICULOUSLY GOOD-LOOKING author photo.
What I'm Watching: True Detective on HBOGo.
What I'm Listening To: DEFINITELY not Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. That would be ridiculous.

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Erika said...

Snow? In March? Colorado is lame. But I love all the news on the book front!! I can't wait to test read Wendy, hint hint. And read Elly!!! And Alice's Sexual Adventures! Oh wait, I mean...what??

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