Thursday, March 13, 2014

Book With Altitude Wrap Up: The Fault in Our Stars

 About two weeks ago our fabulous book club met to discuss "The Fault in Our Stars" at Karen's house in Ft. Collins. It was quite the haul up there in my mini-van, packed to the hilt with book lovers!  We had a last minute scramble because for some reason, it did not occur to me that I would drive. It wasn't actually discussed WHO would drive, but for some reason I think no one assumed it would be them, including me. So at the last minute, we removed from my car: a tub of clothing, a car-seat base, and then like 500 Starbucks cups and empty water bottles. My car was not the cleanest it has ever been. It was embarrassing.  Due to this incident, I have now vacuumed my car so that nothing like this ever happens again.

 We made it up to Karen's in the snow and laid out our delicious potluck: Our book club knows how to eat...and drink. 

We had amazing food: Michael made enchiladas for the ladies, I brought my Colorado cache salad, we had guacamole and Katie's homemade salsa (the best known in the world!), flan, sopapilla cheesecakes bars (which were seriously amazing), fruit and veggies.

We even had our own stars, though as Karen noted, it's not quite the same as "OrangJe super expensive champagne served in Amsterdam with petals falling all over the place next to the canals."  It was still buzzy stars, and it was still delicious.

Then we did what we do best: we talked about the book. Most loved it, though some didn't love it as much. Some of us (cough, ahem, ME) wanted the book to end mid-sentence and were thoroughly disappointed that it didn't.  We talked about Isaac (not to be mistaken for Peter, the old guy, who is not the green goblin, LONG STORY) and Hazel and Augustus. Karen showed us a hilarious video of John Green doing Mental Floss.

Katie even wore a star scarf. Book club outfit FOR THE WIN.  Did I mention I love my book club?

Overall, it was a fantastic book for book club and I was so glad that I finally got to read this very famous and well-known book.  I can see why it has the cult following that it does.

We laughed, we cried and then we discussed how we wished teenagers talked as cool and as existential in real life as they do in movies and books.

Because they really don't.

My personal review of the novel:

I felt like there was a hurricane of hype surrounding this book, and I'm happy to say that the winds and rain were worth it: this was absolutely a beautiful and affecting novel. Every sentence of it was perfection, and John Green's skills for creating teenagers that are likeable is paramount. I don't think that I will ever look at children with cancer the same way again, and that's a GOOD thing. It touched both my humanity and my funny bone - I laughed outloud just as many times as I found myself wiping hot tears off my face. The book didn't conclude the way that I would have liked, but then again, it's not my story. I could have done with a harsher conclusion, but then I think that the book's message of hope and connection might not have landed the hard way that it did. It was a book that broke your heart for all the right reasons.

 Hazel Grace, walk lightly forever.

We are planning on all seeing the movie when it comes out in a few months.  I might have to bring an entire box of Kleenex.  We'll see if I can handle that.

Our next book is "Life After Life" and Katie is hosting.

 (And we might be discussing Queen of Hearts as well - that's so scary and exciting!)


Erika said...

I can't wait to read this!!! But I know I'm going to cry a lot, so I keep putting it off.

Rachel B. said...

I totally thought it was going to end mid-sentence, too!!

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