Thursday, February 27, 2014

Our Mile High Voodoo Donut Adventure

At the book release party, Nicole approached me and asked "Do you have plans after this?"   I replied that I wished I did - but since we had LittleM, we didn't make any.  Going out with a baby at 9:30 at night is not as much fun as you think it would be.  "Do you want some?" she asked.

 Ummm..yes! I miss having random adventures with friends!  

 After arranging for Ryan to take the baby home, I hitched a ride with Nicole so we, a pregnant lady and a new mom, could spend a few hours downtown - I mean, hey, we were already there!!!

 PARTY IT UP. (Ryan is the best husband ever. Just FYI.)

After we ran to the car in the flurrying snow, we discussed our options, and really there was only one: Voodoo Donuts.

Voodoo Donuts, made famous in Portland for their amazing, weird donuts and for their ridiculously long lines, has arrived in Denver.  You can read about that here.

It makes sense, seeing how both our states have legalized marijuana.

Some of our friends have braved the lines. Some were obsessed with it. Some were underwhelemed.  Either way, the place has BUZZ. If you are a Denveririte and haven't been, then you aren't as cool as the Denverirte who has been.  Denverirte who has tried a Voodoo Donut > Denverite who hasn't.

When we drove past the building -all hazy pink neon light on Colfax- I looked at the line.  Keep in mind this was in the middle of a snowstorm.  And the line was...not that long! Every other time I'd seen it, it wrapped around THE BLOCK.  I'm not exaggerating here. It goes around the block.  But tonight, due to the weather, there were only about seven people that were waiting outside the door. Of course, the building was full with a weaving line that reminded me of TSA screening at the airport.  

We parked and began waiting.  I was wearing a dress with bare legs, and because I'm stupid, I didn't bring a coat to my party - hey, it was nice when we left the house, but that's Colorado for you: Nice one moment, raging snowstorm the next. Luckily, Nicole had one of those fancy jackets that has two jackets zipped up in one and we split her coat - friendship, anyone? Amazing.

*We have snow hair in this picture, just FYI*

A girl who had just gotten her donuts walked past us outside as she took a bite of a Captain Crunch Donut.  She moaned loudly and then said "This tastes like my childhood!" 

After about 10 minutes outside, we finally made it to the inside, which smelled like warmth and heaven and childhood.  It was also very pink. A giant voodoo doll dangled from the ceiling.  Trippy graphic heart covered an entire wall, along with the Jackie Brown-esque painting that watched over the customers as we waited in the line. It was a cool, weird, Portlandy place.

I had read reviews of Voodoo on Yelp, and the common complaint was that most people didn't know what they wanted when they go to the front. The large monitors behind the cash register had such tiny print that I couldn't even see what types of donuts they had.  This wasn't working, so we whipped out Nicoles phone and did our research. Bam! Like bosses.

We decided on getting nine donuts between the two of us, so that we could both bring home some to our husbands. Our choices:

The Mexican Hot Chocolate
The Chocolate Crueller
A Peach Fritter
A Voodoo Doll

Bacon Maple Bar
Captain my Captain
Old Dirty Bastard
Chocolate Penetration (I feel icky even writing that, but that is tame compared to some of the other donut names..)
No Name

When we got to the front of the line, we ROCKED it.  The service was friendly, but had a fundamental flaw: the cashiers would look at what we ordered on the machine and then go get the single donut. Then they would come back and look at the next donut and then go get it and so on.  I couldn't help but think -a printed ticket with all the donuts might help this process out a little.

We got our little pink box with donuts and felt very proud of ourselves for being so hip.

When we left Voodoo, people cheered for us when we walked out the door. It's that kind of place. People are talking to each other, some are drunk, some are high, some are ladies in their er, 30's, lshivering in nice dresses from their book release party.

We tried our first donut in the car:  Mine was the Voodoo doll, that had a pretzel stake coming out it's heart.  It was amazing.  They describe their donuts as "Raised Yeast", and both Nicole and I agree that the best thing about the donuts is the actual donut part - that yeasty bread part that was warm and fresh.  The toppings were just, uh, frosting on the cake.  Ba-ddum CHING!

In short, Voodoo Donuts was absolutely worth the wait.  And Ryan has never loved me more than when he woke up Sunday morning to a Bacon Maple Bar waiting for him on the counter.

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Heather said...

So here's the it THAT good? Really tell me, because Justin and I meant to go there one day, then I saw a doughnut on their sign with a pentagram and thought...meh, let's just go to Dunkin'. So we drove down Broadway to Dunkin Donuts which has really good doughnuts too.

BUT, then everyone raves about VooDoo...I sort of want to try it again. I just wish they didn't display pentagram doughnuts. Your post has me intrigued!

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