Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pinterest Recipe Round-Up

No need for lengthy introductions here - let's get to it! What's good, what's not, what's worth making and what's worth deleting off your board. If your mouth-watering Pinterest board is anything like mine, then it's overcrowded, cluttered and really, really bad to look at when you're hungry.  My Pinterest board works like this: I make something and then I remove it. It either makes my recipe book, or it doesn't.  That way I can move and declutter.   Fact: I'm a little type-A.

First up, monster cupcakes!  I picked these to make for our Halloween party because I am a huge fan of Monster cookies, particularly the ones that my Mom's friend Barb makes.  They are to die for.  When Erin had her bacholorette party, these were brougt for late-night munchies.

The cupcakes...meh.  I might be biased. I am not a peanut butter fan, and these had mounds of peanut butter in them, not to mention oats, M&M's, peanut butter chips, chocolate chips. Yes, the list of ingredients was very long.  They were sweet- REALLY sweet.  I had one bite and it was enough. However, our friend Evan - who is pretty much a gourmet pastry chef - came up and said "Man, those cupcakes were the boss!". Our friend Nicole enjoyed them as well, so I'm going to say that this was a toss-up. I didn't like them, but other people LOVED them.

 Next up, Tuscan Pasta. I've made this with Sarah, and for a couple's dinner.   The pre-made ravioli makes this a very quick dinner, and it's super yummy.   And the fresh tomatoes are a must. Very filling.

I made these Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bars for the party.  I loved that they had two cups of veggies in them!  Taste wise, they were okay.  A little heavy, and the flavor just wasn't what I was hoping for. Still, for a healthy snack that was very easy to make, these were great!

 Next up, Asian Meatballs!  Ryan was in charge of making these for the party.  The downside - there were a lot of pricey ingredients on the list that you might not have in your pantry. Other than that, Ryan said that they were very easy to assemble and pop in the oven. (We kept them warm in the crockpot.)   They were very tart and very strong.  We got a lot of compliments on them.  The flavor was new and honestly a bit strange to me, but they disappeared rather quickly. onions.  I love them. 

My last two recipes were drink recipes, the first being Bailey's Black and White.  The first one, this adorable drink, is super simple.  Freeze coffee and add it to Bailey's. Done.  It was delicious.  I didn't know that Bailey's was sort of...expensive.  So this might be like a Christmas Eve only sort of thing.

The second drink has a funny story.  I found this recipe on Pinterest.  It looked delicious and I thought - this is the perfect drink for the party!  And it was.  I mentioned it off-hand to my friend Emily - "I'm making these things called Vootbeer Floats! They are like a grown up rootbeer floats!"  She was like "Did the picture have mason jars in it?"  "Yeaah...?"  "Oh, that's my mom's recipe."   It turns out that my friend Emily's mom, who runs the website Creative Culinary, originally created this recipe and since then, it has been pinned over a million times.

Verdict? AMAZING.  And the floats were so good, people, listen up - SO GOOD. One to two shots of whipped cream vodka, root beer and real whipped cream and a cherry. SO delicious,so easy.  It's my new favorite party cocktail.

Next up on the Pinterest experiment: Oven roasted potatoes, white pizza dip, black magic cake, and Chinese Chicken Salad.

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Barbara | Creative Culinary said...

I will always chuckle when I'm reminded of that...small world we live in huh?

If you like these wait til you try my blood orange margaritas or lemon drop martini...they are two of my personal favorites.

Thanks for including me in your list; hoping somehow I get included again when I do one of my fave desserts called Bananas Foster Crepes.;)

Take Care.

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