Friday, November 2, 2012

Famous (Not So) Dead People

Last weekend we threw our annual Halloween party.  The theme?  Famous Dead People. This was open to interpretation.    The awesome costumes?  That was not open to interpretation.

Let's jump right into it, shall we?

Ryan was Marc Antony, with a costume borrowed from church.  It has to be said - he looked very *ahem* handsome. Okay, hot! My husband should have been a Roman. He has the Roman nose, and once I saw him in his Roman gear, I thought - yup, that's about right. He belongs in a toga and sandals. Maybe that's why he wants to wear shorts in January. His bud Evan went all out in his normal fashion and made a complete William Wallace/Braveheart costume.  BY HAND. A man made that by hand. That's real leather, people! He sewed it.  It looked exactly like the movie, and it was truly was amazing!

Karen was Marilyn Monroe, and I thought she looked exactly like Marilyn - or very close, at least.  Karen always looks a lot like the costumes she chooses. She was a doppelganger Starbuck,Supergirl, and now a shoe-in for Marilyn. (Minus the drugs and scandal.)

Cindy was a crazy Aubrey Hepburn. I love her hairdo! Someday I'll lean to do my hair like she does. Maybe when I'm 80.

Jordan came as Pocahontas, a fitting date for Braveheart.  Our Angela came as Amelia Earhart, and looked so cute in that leather flyer hat! She was joined by another Amelia...

Me!!!  Those green goggles were awesome, except that they were really hot and when I was running around like a crazy hostess they got all foggy and sticky.  They became like a steam room for tiny people.
That was an awesome analogy. Did I mention my husband was a hot Roman?

 Michelle came as Amy Winehouse, adn I have to say: she rocked her costume.  She was like a much prettier Amy Winehouse, pre-drugs, pre-British teeth, pre-bad boyfriend, pre-tattoos.  All she had was some whipped cream vodka, and that was enough. (She wasn't actually drinking from the bottle. It was just a prop.)


 My friend Emily was Annie Oakley and brought her working gun.  Or, as she put it, 'I'm the First Republican!"  Oh political jokes at parties, so hilarious. And awkward...

Let it be noted that Emily is actually campaigning for Mitt Romney. She says that's where she's going to find a husband who will take her away to a cattle ranch, like Pioneer Woman.

Nicole was next, and came to the party as a brilliant Cleopatra. And I love this weird picture where she is being blasted with the light from heaven (aka, Michelle's camera flash.). I could not get my camera to function properly, so instead just let other people take pictures.  My camera is great in the daytime...and not so great with any sort of night/dim lighting. I should probably read the manual.  
(Somewhere, my hot Roman husband is cheering.)

Nicole also made her own costume, did her own make-up.  Have I mentioned that my friends are creative and amazing?

Katie came as Jackie O.  I liked imagining that her and Marilyn had some, er, things to discuss. What we really needed at this party was a JFK, but he sensed a scandal and stayed away.

There was, however, another Marilyn at the party.  She was of the uh, more swarthy type of Marilyn.  Marilyn in her hard times. Marilyn after a lot of um, changes. Marilyn after a lifetime of hormone treatments and not shaving. She was....Dave.

And she was hilarious.

"Other Amelia" came with her husband who was a zombie Abe-Lincoln.  He's not wearing his hat in this picture, but it was fantastic, all made by Angela. They always have great costumes at our party, and Chris is always something SCARY.

His face was peeling off. I touched it.  I don't know what else to say about that except that it was Walking Dead level gross.  Nicole came late, probably since her and her husband threw a MEGA-PARTY the night before.  She still came, and she was such a lovely Audrey Hepburn - so elegant and pretty.

I'll save the fun of the party for another blog, but for now I hope you enjoyed everyone's costumes and I'll leave you with this picture, of my husband, feeling sad that his sword feels suddenly... inadequate.

Sorry, honey.

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JAN said...

Looks like a fun party. I love all the costumes. :)

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