Monday, October 29, 2012

Epic Halloween-ness Part One

Last year, DJ Maestro rocked the world with his first annual Halloween Bash in honor of winning the Denver A-List.  This year, they did it again.  Winners, two years in a row!   I cant' tell you how cool Ryan and I feel that we know people who own a DJ company.  Not only do we know them, but they are some of our closest friends.   We put on our costumes (We have to have different costumes for this party and our party because we dance like maniacs. And when you dance like a maniac, you get sweaty. And we don't want to wear sweaty costumes at our party the next day.)

(PS - Some of the images are courtesy of DJ Maestro)

 Katie lent me her Hermione tie and wand, and so I decided to be Lavender Brown. I had on all purple, a pencil skirt and pretty much covered myself with glitter, since I figured she would wear a lot of glitter. I also had a "I love Ron Ron" sticker, which made everyone think I was Hermione anyways. It was a lost cause. I really wanted to be ZOMBIE Lavender Brown with a big chunk of my neck missing (eww...) but there wasn't time. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Ryan was Batman. Of course. It's nice to have a Batman costume just laying around. Any chance to wear it, really...

Karen was a cowgirl, since she needed something simple since she came straight from work.


By the time their party came this weekend, we were ready to rock.  The DJ Maestro party is the coolest. It's the kind of party that you always wanted to go to but never were invited to.  There is definitely a feeling of "I'm not cool enough to be here!" when you are grooving along to Rihanna. Or Pink. Or Katy Perry.  Or one of those people. I don't really know who sings what.

The party was so cool that was a band there, Rocktin Grove, and they were fantastic. Folksy, upbeat, groovy and talented. I got their sticker. From the sticky floor.

Below there? That's Nicole, my friend Nicole! - how AWESOME is this picture of her??  She was Cruella Deville and she looked um, scary. I couldn't talk to her without feeling really strange because she didn't even LOOK like her. Her nostrils were black. It was alarming.

Dave and Katie were there, and Dave had an amazing costume: He was Dr. Evil COMPLETE with Mini-Me, played gamely by their baby, AJ.  They looked so great and totally should have won the costume contest, dang it!  Katie was a pretty great Miss Piggy. I love the nose.

There were also church folks to be found!   We love this couple from our church and we laughed so hard at his new-age druid/grim reaper costume. 

 The Glovers were there with Ever After Events, rocking their Mr and Mrs. Potato Head Costumes.

I think the thing I find most amusing about Halloween parties is seeing people in different costumes interact.

Like seeing a Mario do a conga line with Alice in Wonderland.

Or Abe Lincoln getting down with Ryan Gosling from Drive. (Hey girl..I really like how you are moving on that dance floor. Want to get out of here and go look at Pinterest?)

Or a cowgirl busting a move with Miss Piggy , Dr. Evil, a baby, Lavender Brown, Batman and a Potato Head.

Karen got goosed by a stranger. That was pretty amusing.

The best part of the party was when Tony, dressed as PSY, led the entire room TWICE in a group dance on that Gangnam Style song. I LOVE THAT SONG. It was the coolest thing ever and so much fun.  I pretty much rock at the Gangnam style dance. Tony was up on stage, leading everyone - it was pretty magical, not going to lie.

BEST WEEKEND EVER. Ryan left a bit early to go to bed (he had work in the morning and is also an old man) and when Karen and I got home it was 1:30am!!  By the time we got in the car, we were fantasizing about pajamas and toothbrushes. We danced until the very last song  - way to go bookworms!! Way to rise to the challenge former current nerds!

 Staying out that late about killed us. But we got to do Gangnam style. WORTH IT.

For the best DJ in town (seriously):

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That was so super fun!

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